ClickFunnels Free Plus Shipping Funnel

This article is designed specifically to answer what the ClickFunnels Free Plus Shipping Funnel is and how you will be able to use it to take your business to new heights. 

ClickFunnels is one of the leading digital marketing software in the world because it offers a large number of features that help users grow their business rapidly. There are several different types of funnels that one can create using ClickFunnels and all these are designed especially using psychologically crafted marketing techniques and help increase the sales of people who use them for their businesses.

One of these funnels is the Free Plus Shipping Funnel. A lot of people have heard about this type of funnel but are unsure of what it does. 

What is the ClickFunnels Free Plus Shipping Funnel?

Like almost all other sales funnels, this funnel also maximizes ROI and increases sales rapidly if it is built around the correct data and is implemented correctly. A free plus shipping funnel is created on the premise that when a customer gets something for free with complimentary shipping to get started, it usually means that they can justify why they are making the purchase and go ahead with it. 

It adds more value to their purchase because they can get something for free as a consequence. These types of funnels are specifically well-known for creating long-term relationships with customers and increasing conversion rates. This is because this type of funnel helps the customer get something for free while promoting something relevant to the offer.

ClickFunnels Free Plus Shipping Funnel example

This funnel lures the customers not only by offering a free product but also free of cost shipping. This urges them to avail the upsell offer. The goal of the funnel is to build recurring revenue products. 

To make your funnel successful, always make sure that you perform thorough research on the marketplace, the niche, and your audience. You want to give away offers and products that are appealing to the audience to make the sale. You should be able to make the audience identify their problems and solve them through this funnel. 

Users usually face trouble trying to decide what to give away as their free product or make uninformed decisions, without keeping in mind that this product is the key part of this type of funnel and must be chosen with immense care. You must choose something that falls well within your niche. 

Also, choose a small product that does not cost a lot to be shipped. It should be something that people buy in bulk. It should ideally be something that costs more when purchased through a retail store and is cheap to acquire for you. Typically, it should be something that is appealing to the market. It should also be easily identifiable and widely known in the market. 

Congratulations! Now you will be able to create your funnel successfully and take your business to new levels!

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