Is ClickFunnels GDPR compliant?

ClickFunnels is surely considered to be among the most important and successful digital marketing software of today’s time because it is fairly easy to use, and acts as an all-in-one platform for users. However, while users are very sure of the potential for success by using this software, they have a few confusions, such as ClickFunnels GDPR compliance.

This article has been crafted specially to clear such confusions and to discuss whether ClickFunnels is GDPR compliant or not.

What is GDPR?

The European Union has taken a very firm stance on the protection and privacy of personal data. The General Data Protection Regulation has been created in order to protect the fundamental rights of privacy of all citizens. This does not matter whether you are physically within the EU. All visitors coming to the site fall under this domain. It even includes marketing campaigns.

Is GDPR compliance important?

GDPR compliance is very important as it is meant for the protection of the privacy rights of European citizens. It defines what personal data can businesses and websites process and what they need to do to safeguard privacy rights. All organizations or businesses that interact with European citizens need to make sure their privacy policies are GDPR compliant.

Is ClickFunnels GDPR compliant?

Yes. ClickFunnels is GDPR compliant by all standards and according to all procedures. It has updated its terms and conditions and privacy policy and statement to rise up to the GDPR standards that came into effect in 2018. As a business owner or just a ClickFunnels user, you can be assured that your details and credentials are completely secure. You can read the privacy cookie warning pop-up and delete the Pll data for contact filtering based on EU location for further clarification. In case you have any legal queries, you can always contact

However, if your a service provider and are using ClickFunnels for clients’ marketing then you need to comply with the GDPR practices on your own terms as you will access your clients’ information. ClickFunnels sells only services and not complete legal packages or legal advice. It will be your own responsibility to ensure the safety of your client’s data at your end.

Congratulations! Now you know that ClickFunnels is actually GDPR compliant and you can now safely use it for your benefit.

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