How to Integrate Teachable with ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels lands among the most prominent digital or online marketing software of the modern times because acts all in one platform that enables users to make integration with third party softwares as well for the ease of users. Among the other prominent names of marketing, softwares are also Teachable. Users often ask one question: Does ClickFunnels integrate with Teachable?

This article is crafted specially to clear any such confusions and to discuss everything that there is to know about the ClickFunnels Teachable integration.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a very well- known and profitable digital marketing software. It allows users to create landing pages and marketing funnels without any need of knowing programming languages or computer coding, etc. It allows integration with third party softwares as well and this makes it an all in one platform for users.

Does ClickFunnels integrate with Teachable?

What is Teachable?

Teachable is a very famous online marketing software that enables users to sell online courses or coaching services. It also provides users with the ability to have their own website as well. It allows users to successfully host their courses.

Teachable ClickFunnels Integration

Does ClickFunnels integrate with Teachable?

Yes. You can surely connect Teachable with ClickFunnels in order to avail the best features of both the software. But ClickFunnels does not integrate directly with Teachable. So the ClickFunnels Teachable integration would not happen on the fly.

You will have to use a 3rd party app such as Zapier to integrate Teachable and ClickFunnels. Zapier will help ClickFunnels “talk” to Teachable.

ClickFunnels Teachable Integration:

Here’s how you can use Zapier to do this Teachable ClickFunnels integration:

The first step is to create an automation which Zapier calls a “Zap”. So create a Zap. Then you have to pick ClickFunnels as a “trigger” that will kick off your automation. Then you have to choose a resulting action that would happen through this trigger. Finally, just select the data that you want to exchange between ClickFunnels and Teachable.

There can be many triggers that can be used. For instance, you can enroll users in Teachable with new ClickFunnels purchases. You can also enroll users in Teachable based on their ClickFunnels activity. Moreover, you can also enroll Teachable users in courses for new contact activities in ClickFunnels.

Congratulations! Now you are able to easily integrate both ClickFunnels and Teachable to avail the features of both and benefit your online business greatly. To your success!

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