Lead Generation

We are experts on getting new clients! If you have the processing capacity to get new clients, but do not know how to effectively attract them, then set a meeting with us and we will discuss the possibilities.

Lead Nurturing

By nature, prospects that are engaged through lead generation are at different stages of they buying cycle. While some may be purchase ready, others may be weeks or months away from making a buy decision. Lead Nurturing is a process of soft touches to keep your offering top of mind by offering additional resources in an automated fashion that appears human. Our team can help you structure effective approaches to guiding your leads to a purchase decision through education and engagement.

Experts in Lead Generation

Two of the essentials to getting return on leads are 1. immediate follow up and 2. scoring and nurturing leads with longer sales cycles. Not every sales organization has the tools and resources to manage these process effectively. We can work in compliment to you team and help implement automation to help make your lead generation program even more successful.

Stages of Lead Generation Funnel

From lead generation to appointment setting, 99 Digital has the best software and experts for advancing your lead and sales strategy. Do you want to build a predictable and consistent pipeline? Speak with a seasoned specialist to get started.

Awareness (TOFU)

Lead Data

Qualified Lead (MOFU)

Targets and Prospects (BOFU)



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