OptimizePress vs ClickFunnels

Online marketplaces have become the new trend with the rapid growth in technological advancement and the world is rapidly moving toward online practices instead of conventional ones. With the number of online sellers and businesses growing in number every day, entrepreneurs face the threat of increased competition. Many softwares have thus been introduced to counter this issue and help sellers grow their businesses. Some of the most common names of such softwares are ClickFunnels and OptimizePress. Sellers are often confused about which of these softwares are the best for their particular business.

This article will discuss the features of each of these softwares and help you choose the best one for your business needs.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is an online marketing software that allows users to expand their business by using different landing pages and funnels that help increase their conversion rates greatly.

What is OptimizePress?

It is actually a complete WordPress tools suite or plugin that helps users create pages and funnels that help increase the conversion rate for their businesses using WordPress as the CMS (content management system).

ClickFunnels vs OptimizePress

  • One of the common features of these softwares is the availability of pre-built templates. Both of these platforms have templates that can be customized to meet each user’s specific business needs.
  • ClickFunnels has an in-built email marketing platform known as Follow-Up Funnels. OptimizePress does not have its own email marketing platform but it has the ability to integrate with others.
  • ClickFunnels works on a monthly subscription plan while OptimizePress works on an annual fee plan. Most users prefer this payment method.
  • Their basics costs start from almost exactly the same amount. ClickFunnels offers a 14- day free trial and is a self-hosted platform. On the other hand, OptimizePress does not offer any trial and relies on the hosting of your WordPress site.

Now, you know the differences between OptimizePress and ClickFunnels. You will be able to determine which is the best option for your business.

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