What is a VSL Funnel and How Do We Build One in ClickFunnels?

With the technological advancement in the modern world and the rapid growth in online selling, there is a multitude of innovative and strategic marketing strategies that sellers use to increase their sales. Video Sales Letter Funnels are one such kind of marketing funnels that have proven to be of enormous help to online sellers for marketing their products and services.

If you want to learn what these Video Sales Letter (VSL) Funnels are, and how you can work with them in ClickFunnels, then this article is crafted especially for you.

What is a Video Sales Letter (VSL)?

Before proceeding to understand further, let’s first understand what a Video Sales Letter (VSL) actually is.

It is simply the modern version of a typical traditional sales letter, however, it revolves around a video instead of a lengthy textual sales copy. It is not as boring as a long sales letter copy that buyers have to reach in order to find out about the products or services being sold. A creative and informative video can help keep the audience interested, visually induced makes our content more relatable. 

What is a Video Sales Letter/ VSL Funnel?

Now let’s see what a VSL funnel is…

ClickFunnels allows you to create a VSL funnel. It is a means of driving the maximum possible traffic to your video sales letter in order to attempt to attract the utmost attention from web users and to an increased conversion rate.

The main purpose of the funnel is to convert high-quality leads into customers. It is basically a virtual mechanism that transports the customers on a journey towards an end goal or objective. Mostly, this end goal is to purchase the product or services.

VSL funnel has several purposes for entrepreneurs, businesses, and also marketing teams who are in search of ways to improve their conversion rates. When potential customers and buyers enter the funnel, you are able to guide them through, provide answers to their questions, and also provide information regarding the services and products that you offer. The purpose of all this is so that they are able to get to know you and your brand well.

VSL funnels are categorized as buyer funnels. Often, users choose to hide the Add to Cart option until the video has revealed the actual price. This is an optional choice, but very easy to implement in ClickFunnels. It assists users in selling the product. One can include an Order Form Bump on the Order Form, and then normally have an upsell and then a down-sell.

VSL Funnel in ClickFunnels
An example of the first page of a VSL Funnel

Steps / Pages in the VSL Funnel:

A typical VSL funnel comprises the following four pages:

  1. VSL + Order Page: The customer lands on this page. They will watch the video and then an Order Form will appear. If the customer would choose to sign up and make the purchase, they will be able to fill in the form and move on to the next step. This page provides a lot of information and encourages customers to act swiftly.
  2. OTO: The OTO or One Time Offer page is the second page. It is also called the upsell page. It is designed to encourage users to gain access to extra promotions or services or purchase additional products. The interesting feature here is that a one- time offer stipulates a time period. This makes the customers fearful of missing out and increases the chances of conversion. 
  3. Downsell: This is the third page and it targets buyers who aren’t interested in the OTO segment. It encourages them to try other options. For example, if a seller is selling a physical book, they would be offering a digital copy at this stage. 
  4. Offer Wall Page: This is the final page. This section is actually a Thank You page and it contains the details of the order as a Thank you page would, but additionally it also links to other subscription services or products that the customer might be interested in, depending on the purchase. 

Real Life Example of a VSL Funnel:

Now, let’s see how these funnels work using a real life example...

If Ryan was selling as an author, he would take his sales copy and would turn it into a Video Sales Letter and pitch people on his main offer. Then, he would upsell a more expensive info product and then down sell a payment plan. His Offer Wall would include more low-ticket or free products. 

How to Script Your VSL?

Here are 5 simple steps to script your VSL…

To connect with ideal clients and buyers, here are 5 simple steps that you can follow for you VSL script:

  1. Identify the problem or the issue that your customer might be facing. 
  2. Tell the audience that you will be able to provide the solution to that problem. 
  3. Explain why your provided solution is the best. 
  4. Reinforce further on how you can solve the problem.
  5. Throw in a bonus. 

Video Sales Funnels are great for marketing. These offer a lot of visual impact, engagement, emotional connection and persuasiveness for the audience to make the purchase. 

Do you need help in building your own VSL Funnel?

At Sleek Funnels, we help business owners like you create various types of funnels to help them generate more leads and sales. We have helped many clients of ours generate leads and sales through a “VSL Funnel”.

If you need help in building your own VSL funnel that can help you advance your business and generate more customer and clients for your business, you contact us through our contact form.

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