What is a Webinar Funnel and How Do We Build One in ClickFunnels?

Webinars are known for being ideal and successful tools for generating leads, selling online and also for building brand awareness. This article will teach you everything you need to know about Webinar Funnels!

What is a Webinar Funnel? 

Among the several marketing tools offered by ClickFunnels, Webinar Funnels is one of the most proficient and successful. These funnels can be used to automatically convert visitors into leads and these leads are then converted into buyers and customers. Targeted traffic is driven to the webinar registration page through inbound and outbound marketing tactics. The main goal of these funnels is to increase sales and generate leads.

These funnels give entrepreneurs more time to close the potential customers at very high price points. This is because these funnels are generally an hour to 2 hours long and they give more time to address the false beliefs that customers might have. After the users have signed up, they are taken to a Thank You or Confirmation Page, where they have the options to attend the webinar live or as a recording. A webinar funnel is categorized as a type of event funnel.

There are two different types of webinar funnels:

  1. Live Webinar Funnel.
  2. Evergreen/ Automated Webinar Funnel.

Now, let’s dive right into understanding further how these funnels work and how we can create them in ClickFunnels!

Live Webinar Funnels:

In the first phase of the webinar funnel, visitors are supposed to register for their place to attend and listen to success stories in order to increase their interest and to develop a sense of curiosity. The Live webinars are usually hosted on some third-party software, such as WebinarJam, etc.

In the second phase, visitors attend the live webinar and are able to watch replays. However, during this time, the window to buy begins to close, which creates a sense of urgency and motivation to purchase immediately. These funnels have the following pages:

  1. Webinar Registration Page
  2. Webinar Confirmation/ Thank you Page
  3. Indoctrination Page
  4. Replay Page

How to Create a Live Webinar Funnel using ClickFunnels?

Step 1: Create a Webinar Funnel

To do this:

  • Select the Build Funnel option from the ClickFunnels menu or alternatively, select the Add New option from the dashboard.
  • Next, click on the Create New Funnel option and select Host Webinar.
  • Now, select  Live Webinar, and enter the name of your funnel. You may also enter a group tag if you wish. 
  • Lastly, select Build Funnel.

Step 2: Add Webinar Page Templates

  • Firstly, select a step in the Webinar Funnel.
  • Next, click on the ‘Webinar category’ option.
  • Then, select a page template that has the same page type.
  • Now, you can edit the page as you wish.
  • Repeat this same procedure for each step in the webinar funnel.

Step 3: Set the Time for the Live Webinar

  • For this step, select the Webinar Registration option in the funnel and click on the Gear icon.
  • After this, select the date and time for the Live Webinar Event and Click on the Update Page option. 

Real Life Example:

Now let’s take a look into how these funnels work using a real- life example..

If Niall was selling Business to Business, he would use the Live Webinar Funnel to showcase his products or services to high-end potential buyers. He would call it a Product Demo instead of calling it a webinar.

Evergreen or Automated Webinar Funnel:

An evergreen webinar funnel comes in use once entrepreneurs have already proven their offers multiple times using the Live Webinar Funnel. This funnel is one of the best converting funnels historically. It is uploaded online on a video hosting service, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon S3 etc. This hosted video is embedded on a Webinar Broadcast Page.

An auto webinar can play every hour around the clock and can thus sell your services and products automatically. Firstly, a user registers himself for the webinar on the registration page. Following this, they are taken to a confirmation page or thank you page.  Here, they are able to see the date and time for their respective event.

Following this, they are emailed the links to indoctrination pages where you are able to get them enthusiastic about the training they would be getting, or have already gotten. Once the presentation time has passed, they are emailed the links to a replay room. Here, they only have one last chance to watch the webinar.

Evergreen Webinar Funnel in ClickFunnels
Webinar Registration Page for an Automated Webinar Funnel

The evergreen webinar funnel has the following  5 pages:

  1. Webinar Registration Page
  2. Webinar Confirmation / Thankyou Page
  3. Webinar Broadcast Page
  4. Replay Page
  5. Indoctrination Pages

How to Create an Auto-Webinar Funnel using ClickFunnels?

Step 1 and Step 2 are exactly the same as those mentioned above for creating a Live Webinar Funnel. 

Step 3: Add Recorded Webinar Video

  • For this step, select the Webinar Broadcast Room step in the funnel and select the  Edit Page option. 
  • Next, click on the video element and choose the Video Type option from the dropdown menu.
  • Now, paste your video URL and save your page.

Real Life Example:

Now let’s take a look into how these funnels work using a real- life example…

If Laura was selling in a Retail Business, she would use an AutoWebinar funnel to sell repeat customers on her rewards program to keep them attending her location. 

Tips to make your Webinar Funnels successful:

  • Experts suggest that your Webinar Registration page needs to be very attractive to make your funnel convert better.
  • Make sure that your presentation is not boring. Make sure your content is suitable for the target audience. Use empathy. Enjoy yourself so it reflects in your work. And most importantly, authentic content is the most engaging content. 
  • Make your headlines catchy and irresistible to the audience. 
  • Make promising and well- defined bullet points that will tell the users what you have to offer, while also creating suspense for them.

Now that you have all this information, you can create your own very successful Webinar Funnels!

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