How to Integrate WebinarJam with ClickFunnels?

This article will discuss everything that there is to know about the ClickFunnels and WebinarJam integration. 

One of the main reasons why ClickFunnels is one of the leading digital marketing software of today’s time is because it is an all-in-one software that provides its users with a single platform where they can perform several different actions. Anyone can create different types of landing pages and marketing and sales funnels. It does not require the user to be equipped with custom coding skills or programming languages.

ClickFunnels also enables users to integrate with third-party software. It is a very common question nowadays, regarding the integration of ClickFunnels with WebinarJam. Users want to know if ClickFunnels and WebinarJam integration is possible? And if yes, then how this can be beneficial for their respective businesses. 

What is WebinarJam? 

WebinarJam is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses create and conduct webinar sessions, which includes live streaming on YouTube and Facebook and even event broadcasting via private webinar rooms. It allows you to reach up to 5000 people in a single presentation. The benefits of using WebinarJam are that you can lock your webinars with a different password for each attendee.

You can also share some reserved documents with your audience and this can easily be done with the cloud. With this software, you can share a multitude of different types of files, such as PPT slides, Keynotes slides, PDFs, Word Documents, CSV, Excel files, and much more. It saves a lot of time for the users. This is because by creating Hybrid Webinars, you can not only re-use your past webinars, but you can also switch between the live and pre-recorded mode.

It is due to these benefits that you should consider integrating it with ClickFunnels. Connecting a webinar integration to your funnel page will also allow you to collect registrants for a webinar hosted on your external platform. After the integration, you can proceed to connect your funnels in ClickFunnels to send new contacts directly to WebinarJam and register for webinars. If you wish to sign up contacts through ClickFunnels, you will have to integrate the two.  

WebinarJam integration with ClickFunnels?

Before beginning, you need to have the following: 

  • A WebinarJam Account
  • A Webinar set up within WebinarJam
webinarjam integration with clickfunnels

Now, first of all, you need to retrieve your WebinarJam API key. 

Next, you have to integrate both software. To do this, select the Add Integration option from the ClickFunnels integrations settings. 

Now Click on the Search Bar and search for WebinarJam. Make sure to select the correct software. 

Now you need to give your integration a name. 

Then, paste the API key and finally click on the Add Integration option. 

Another method you can use for WebinarJam integration is through the use of the Zap tool offered by Zapier. With this, you can first authenticate ClickFunnels and WebinarJam together. Then you can then pick one of the apps as a trigger that will kick start your automation. Then, choose a resulting action from the other app. Then, select the data that you want to send from one application to another. 

Congratulations! Now you know everything that there is to know about the ClickFunnels and WebinarJam integration and you can surely use this information to grow your own business successfully. 

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